Alessandra Ambrosio in the way of warlike Amazons

Alessandra Ambrosio in the way of warlike Amazons Famous Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio girl Patriotic, so she gladly agreed to decorate the cover of the debut numbers of GQ Brazil.Charming angel Victoria's Secret this time turned into a warlike, but very sexy Amazon.On the cover Alessandra flaunts in a tiny white bikini, and completes the image of a holster with a knife, which seemed to hint that this girl is better not to joke. Inside the magazine model beat theme spearfishing, posing with diving equipment. I think, seeing such seductive beauty under water, not every man was able to swim to the surface. By the way, this shot is very reminiscent of a scene from the first film in the James bond movie "Dr. no", when the girl 007 Ursula Andress sexy emerges from the sea with a fishing knife. Source: Alessandra Ambrosio in the way of warlike Amazons . Читать полностью -->

Anastasia Osipova became another victim of the studs

Anastasia Osipova became another victim of the studsA member of the group "Brilliant" Anastasia Osipova, listed on the brides tennis player Marat Safin, was seriously injured. The actress broke her leg, becoming another victim of the studs."Three days ago I received an MMS message from Nastya, who wrote that he broke his foot. As it usually happens in women is the excessive love of heels to anything good does not. Example is evident", - told "Moskovsky Komsomolets" about the fate of the injured, "odnogruppnitsy" Nadia Handle."She was put in plaster, from the hospital but she refused. Said that the house will recover faster. She was prescribed medication and told that the month of the horizontal position to the singer assured. Читать полностью -->

Kesha knows why she has no luck with guys

Kesha knows why she has no luck with guysKesha claims that the guys are "afraid" because she scares them. So, what's the problem she knows, but doesn't want to curb his nature to correct the situation!The singer of the hit "We are who we are" (We R Who We R ) believes that her outspoken views on life and bright personality make some men nervous and prevent them to meet her, but she's not going to change."It is important to show that women can be something more than just sexual objects. You'll never see me climbing out of my skin just to look more attractive," she says."Maybe some guys don't dare to approach me because I scare them. But if so - great! Guys be afraid of me," continued the Cache."I understand that I'm exaggerating and aggravating, but you can either join your party or to bring down to hell, because I'm not going to change," - said in the conclusion of Queen sequin.24-year-old pop star, who had a romantic relationship with the arranger and DJ Calvin Harris, when Kesha toured in Australia, along with Rihanna, is very proud of his success, because as a child was very shy."I was in school a shy child," says Kesha. But now I'm doing everything in order to expand rights and opportunities for me and all those girls who are not beauty Queens. I want to show to succeed, but you need to be strong and confident". Читать полностью -->

David Arquette broke in a car accident

David Arquette broke in a car accidentPopular Hollywood actor David Arquette was involved in serious road accidents. As TMZ reports, the accident occurred in West Hollywood.Arquette was driving his car - a silver Cadillac whenmoving ahead of the car stopped abruptly. In an effort to avoid collision, the actor turned the wheel to the left and his "Cadillac", taking off on an oncoming lane, collided head-on with moving by a speeding car.Both cars sustained serious damage, and both drivers - injuries of varying severity. Arrived on the scene "first aid" delivered by David Arquette to the nearest clinic. According to doctors, the wound received by the actor, pose no danger to life.Recall that the last work of David Arquette was the role in the fourth part of the movie "Scream". Source: David Arquette broke in a car accident. Читать полностью -->

Von Trier has proposed to put yourself in a cage

Von Trier has proposed to put yourself in a cageFamous Danish film Director Lars von Trier, which for remarks about sympathy for Hitler and the discontent of Israel was excommunicated from the Cannes film festival, shocked by the fact of his expulsion from the forum.He called provocative statements inadmissible, but is proud of his new status as persona non grata because this has not happened with anyone in the entire history of film forum."I don't understand," von Trier quoted by ITAR-TASS. - I am very frustrated and very tired of this story. Everything that happened was for me a real shock. It seemed to me that I speak with my friends in a cafe, however, as it turned out, was a witness to the whole world. I hurt people's feelings, and now I regret it".Touching remarks about Israel, the Director explained that they were caused by his "disagreement with the foreign policy of the Jewish state". "But such things do not exclude from the festivals," he said, reiterating that he believes the Holocaust is a grave crime against humanity and in no way acts against the Jews. Читать полностью -->

Kelly brook has posed naked for the magazine

Kelly brook has posed naked for the magazine Actress and model Kelly BROOK decided to fool around and starred in the buff for the magazine Exhibition Magazine. Photos are not are quite special: they are naked beauty is, whether smeared red lipstick, or blood.On bloodthirsty magazine photoshoot pushed scenes involving brook and porn star Riley Steele from the movie "piranha 3D", in which ladies eat predatory fish.Thanks to this picture, the beauty got the title of scream Queen, though her appetizing body she is known, is still more than film roles. Their charms Kelly shows not only the screen, but shooting for men's magazines, for example, FHM and Playboy. In new survey she willingly shows off her famous chest, through which even received the title of the most beautiful women of the planet. Source: Kelly brook has posed naked for the magazine . . Читать полностью -->

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